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Our values

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Our values

In alignment with our sister company CRJ Services, we endeavour to deliver on a set of key core values. These core values represent who we are as a business and the ongoing commitment we have with our customers. These 7 values include;


We value the need to supply the most premium products at competitive pricing, which in turn delivers increased productivity and reliability for our customers


We value the need to employ the most passionate, knowledgeable and skilled set of people in the industry who can help create an all-round superior customer service


We value the need to consistently provide an honest form of communication which helps build trust and long lasting personal relationships with our customers


We value the need to maintain a ‘Yes, we-can’ approach throughout the organisation in a bid to continually strive to exceed customer expectations


We value the need to sustain an internal family spirit, a sense of togetherness and a proactive corporate culture which helps create sustainable results


We value the need to act swiftly, responsively and effectively in all areas of our business


We value the need to satisfy the diverse needs of the recycling consumer and offer tailored solutions based on individual requirements