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Spare Parts

The CRJ-Matpro material processing equipment spare parts facility is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. We have created a combined parts stock holding valuing over £1,200,000; located at our main headquarters in Knutsford, Cheshire.

We proudly uphold a ’24-hour delivery service’ and have built a reputation in the industry for supplying the most premium products at affordable pricing.

As an authorised dealer for HAAS, Weima, Steelweld, Ecostar and Nihot, we stock a wide range of genuine OEM and high-quality parts including;

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Drive Belts
  • Drums
  • Screen Meshes
  • Baskets
  • Teeth
  • Rollers
  • Filter Kits
  • Bearings
  • Magnets

Through supplying genuine OEM parts and establishing a ‘tried and tested’ process for our entire range, this ensures we help to; reduce downtime, reduce total life costs of machines, increase the overall safety of machines and validate the warranty of purchased machines.

Technical Expertise; We are passionate about recycling machinery and our team of support staff and engineers are considered the most knowledgeable product specialists in the industry. So, we don’t just supply the parts, but can offer technical advice and support to help you maximise the overall performance and durability of your machines.

Online Store: You can browse some of our high-value items on our E-bay store by clicking here, or by searching our seller ID ‘crj-matpro-spares’ on the E-bay website.

Brochure: You can also download our spare-parts brochure here.

Conveyor Belts

Over the last few years, we have worked closely with a belt manufacturer to develop a high-quality affordable range of conveyor belts to suit a wide range of material processing equipment. With our machine knowledge and industry experience, we have designed high-quality belts that give high performance and value for money. We have trialled and tested these belts for over 2 years in our sister company, CRJ’s, hire fleet, to ensure we can offer value and quality to our customers.

Doppstadt Belts

  • SM518 – Generic
  • SM518 – Profi
  • SM518 +
  • SM620 – Generic
  • SM620 – Profi
  • SM620 +
  • AK230
  • AK430
  • AK435K
  • AK510
  • AK530
  • AK635
  • DW2560
  • DW3060
  • DW3060K

For the Doppstadt SM 518 & 620 range of machines, we stock infeed, under-drum, cross conveyor, fine and oversize belts. For the Doppstadt AK and DW range of machines, we stock under rotor, rear and overband magnet belts.

Haas Belts

  • Tyron 1500
  • Tyron 1500 XL
  • Tyron 2000
  • Tyron 2000 XL
  • Tyron 2000 XL 2.0
  • Tyron 2500

For the Haas range, we stock all belts within the machine (outfeed belt and overband magnet).

Steelweld Belts

  • Rotary AST 1500 – Mobile Air Separator
  • Strobe ECS 1500 – Eddy Current Separator

We stock all belts within the two Steelweld machines. Strobe: ferrous metal belt, non-ferrous metal belt and non-metallic belt. Rotary: Accelerator belt, light fraction belt and heavy fraction belt.

Drive Belts

Doppstadt Drive Belts
  • AK230
  • AK430
  • AK435
  • AK435K
  • AK510
  • AK510K
  • AK530
  • AK550
  • AK635

For the Doppstadt AK range of machines, we stock kevlar reinforced drive belts.