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Haas Recycling Systems

Matpro Machinery is the proud exclusive distributor of Haas machinery to the UK and Irish market. Haas was founded back in 1989, where they initially focused on the design and manufacture of vertical and horizontal drum chippers, screens and conveyors for the sawmill industry.

Since then Haas has continuously developed turnkey solutions for waste wood recycling plants as well as shredding machinery for a wide range of waste materials. Today Haas use sophisticated technology to offer a comprehensive range of equipment for the diverse tasks involved in the shredding, screening, conveying and sorting of a variety of waste streams.

Haas Logo

Haas: Tyron Shredder Series

Haas Tyron Shredder Logo

The German-engineered Haas Tyron industrial shredder series is the outstanding market leader in the slow-speed shredder market. Capable of shredding a variety of waste, including wood, railway sleepers, green waste, root balls, MSW, C&I, tyres, mattresses and paper rolls, the Haas shredder can downsize material to between 150mm and 500mm, depending on tool shaft and configuration.

The Tyron series is available as both a static and mobile version and then as a 1500, 2000 and 2500 model which denotes the length of the shredding chamber.

Independent Twin Shaft Drive Mechanism: The Haas Tyron series of shredders differentiates itself from other industrial shredders in the market mainly due to its independent shaft drive mechanism. Each shaft is driven by a separate hydraulic motor with a separate hydraulic gearbox, meaning the shafts are driven separately with respect to RPM, as well as shaft direction. Allowing the shredding of the most stubborn material, whilst keeping the shafts clean from wrappage.

Haas Tyron – Mobile
Haas Tyron – Static

Haas: Hammermill Range

Haas Hammermill

The Haas Hammermill range is the perfect solution for the production of material for biomass power plants, RDF (refuse-derived fuel), animal bedding and the pellet & briquette industry. Available both as a static and mobile machine, the Haas hammermill is capable of shredding a wide range of materials down to a final product size of >30 – >100 mm depending on tool configuration and screen system.

Ballistic Chute: A feature of the Haas Hammermills is their ballistic chute which will automatically separate any foreign particles from the waste stream. This reduces the wear and tear on the machines, which in turn reduces downtime in your operation.

Screen Change: Another innovation introduced by Haas is the easy screen change system. This system uses a hydraulic drive to open the mill, allowing access for servicing and maintenance. Meaning hammers and shafts can be easily changed without much disruption. This also enables the user to quickly change the screen to alter the size of the product being produced. The process can be completed in 30 minutes by one person.

Haas – Hammermill

Haas: Flat Screen HPS

Haas - HPS Screener

The Haas HPS flat oscillating screener is a robust and durable screening tool for the wood industry. The HPS can screen to various fraction sizes e.g. 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-50mm, >50mm. Fraction sizes can be altered by changing the sieving deck to meet your operational needs.

It is able to process up to 250m³ per hour and can split the input material into a maximum of 6 differently sized fractions.


  • Differently sized fractions from one operation
  • High screening performance
  • Robust and reliable with a low energy consumption
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality vibrating elements
  • Sieve decks are exchangeable to meet your operational needs