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Nihot Windshifter

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Nihot Windshifter- Solutions in air-controlled separation

In waste processing, controlled air is a perfect separation medium, both in terms of process technology and business solutions. Controlled air is one of the core technologies of Nihot. It is versatile, offers greater flexibility than mechanical separation technologies and it guarantees high separation efficiency. By using air, materials can be separated based on both material density and shape.

Nihot, has optimized air technology for waste separation. The company is a recognized key player in its field.

Benefits USP

  • Proven high operational reliability, i.e. increase of effective production time
  • High separation efficiency – up to 99 % K Gives control of the caloric value of the output
  • Removes interferants from input, thus protecting the granulators in RDF refinement
  • Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime,low operational costs
  • Low dust emission

These benefits result in fast return on investment, low operating costs and superior reliability.


  • The Windshifter is utilized for the separation and/or upgrading of the following Waste qualities.
    Municipal Solid Waste. (MSW)
  • Commercial and Industrial Waste (C&I)
  • Construction and Demolition Waste (C&D)
  • Compost Refinement section
  • Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Biomass/Wood recycling K Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) K Bottom Ash Upgrading
  • Single Stream (DSD/PMD)
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