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Pre-cut shredders

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Weima: Pre-Cut

The Weima Pre-Cut Shredder is the ideal first step for a multi-stage waste processing system with high throughput. This industrial shredder ensures optimum preconditioning of materials for further processing such as sorting, classification and separation.

Key Features

  • High productivity, with low energy consumption and wear costs.
  • Particle sizes of 150 – 400 mm depending on configuration.
  • Vautid coated rotor and knife holders.
  • Hydraulic drive for extreme torque.
  • High protection against foreign objects.
  • Inspection flap for short service time.
  • Massive (up to 130 mm) cutting knives.

1: Ram: Load-dependent. Electronic distance measuring device. Less wear due to external guidance.

2: Control Cabinet: Siemens PLC control. Energy Efficient size reduction. Easy to use.

3. Powerful Drive: Hydraulic drive. Full torque from zero. Full speed control. Excellent load control.

4. Counter Knives: External adjustable. Rotatable. Protected against impact thanks to cover plates.


5: Pre-cut Rotor: Vautid coated against wear. Massive 100/130mm cutting knives. Easy maintenance.

6: Screen: For homogenous output material size. Wear protection. Easy adjustment.

7. Bearings: Dustproof. Sturdy design. Maintenance friendly.

8. Frame: Sturdy base. Compact design. Adaptable for conveying systems.

Weima Pre-Cut: Videos

Weima Pre-Cut Shredder – RDF Production

Weima: Technical Specifications

Rotor Length1,500 to 3,000 mm
Rotor Diameter800 mm
Rotor Knives130 x 130 / 100 x 100 mm
Throughputup to 50 tph
Drive Capacity160 kW to 350 kW
Drive OptionsHydraulic drive
Weight24 to 34 tons
Particle Size150 – 400 mm

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