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HAAS Tyron pre-shredder: The first step in wood recycling

//HAAS Tyron pre-shredder: The first step in wood recycling

HAAS Tyron pre-shredder: The first step in wood recycling

Matpro Machinery Ltd has successfully sold a Haas Tyron 2000XL industrial pre-shredder into Westminster Waste Ltd. The aggressive mobile shredder, also known as the “Vicious Viking”, was specifically identified and targeted by the London-based waste management company as a long-term investment, having initially impressed whilst on hire from Matpro’s sister company; CRJ Services Ltd. Taking home at the brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Maybank Wharf, the Haas Tyron has primarily been brought in to help pre-shred Grade A-C wood waste at the start of the recycling process.

Steven Ellen, Wood Plant Manager at Westminster Waste Ltd commented;

“As a pre-requisite for effective recycling of wood waste, we acknowledged that the most appropriate procedure should involve the use of a slow-speed shredder to initially break up the material, before being fed into our current high-speed shredder for further processing.

Using the high-speed shredder single-handily for the process wasn’t deemed viable as the larger timber material would have had a detrimental effect on not only machine functionality and durability, but also overall processing efficiency.”

Dominic Moule, Director at Westminster Waste Ltd also commented;

“Having realised the importance of incorporating a slow-speed pre-shredder into the process, we immediately turned to the market for a solution. With an onus on producing only ‘high-quality’, it was mandatory we purchased something that was extremely aggressive in action and one that had a good rapport throughout the industry.

Having had the Haas Tyron 2000XL model on hire for a brief spell last Autumn, we were blown away by the powerful performance generated through the independently operated shaft drive mechanism. The shafts successfully broke up the material to minus 300mm, consistently, and the overband magnet easily extracted the ferrous material from the outfeed conveyor; thereby helping to protect our high-speed shredder. I would certainly recommend the Viking to anyone!”

For more information on the Haas Tyron 2000XL pre-shredder within the London / UK south area, whether for hire or sale, please contact Rob Symons at

Westminster Waste Ltd:

Established in 2010, Westminster Waste Ltd is one of London’s top waste management companies. A family-run company accepting all forms of waste, the company’s state-of-the-art processing facilities in Maybank Wharf, Charlton help to extract and produce several high-quality recyclable materials including; rigid/film plastics, construction aggregates, cardboard, metals, biomass wood fuel, solid recovery fuel and more. Operating 240 litre wheeled bins to 40-yard containers, Westminster Waste has a full range of solutions to meet London’s needs.

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